18 Challenging Holes of Golf


St. Mikes Golf Course has a complete 18-hole course with blue, white and red tees. White tees are mid-range for difficulty and what most people use. The holes with the toughest sand greens are #13, #14 and #17. Each hole provides unique landmarks and challenges; a few highlights include ponds, a marsh, ditches, pine trees, doglegged paths and a green with a turtleback.

Each hole describes the area around it and provides tips on how to successfully make par or better on the hole. Our golf course is designed to provide novice and experienced golfers with opportunities to improve their game, get familiar with each hole and have a fun and challenging game of golf in a beautiful location. Read up on each of our holes so you can strategize your plan prior to tee time.

Hole #1

A 290 yard par 4, this hole has a kidney-shaped pond on the right that fronts the #10 green. The left side is guarded by an out-of-bounds ditch. The closer you get to the green, the fairway bottlenecks between the two. This green is reachable off the tee for the long ball hitters but is not advised. The play is to hit a club that will land between 180-200 yards. A real risk / reward hole.

Front 9 Hole 1 Hole 1


All the sand greens: #2, #3, #5, #6, #7 and #8 will play extremely difficult if missed left, right or long.

Hole #2

This 350 yard par 4 has an out-of-bounds ditch close to the fairway on the left side. Pine trees guard the right side, the green sits close to the left side out of bounds. This green is tough to hit and to putt.

Front 9 Hole 2Hole 2

Hole #3

A 354 yard par 4 that doglegs severely to the right. The tee shot must land between 200-220 yards to have a good shot at the green. The green has a tree that guards the right side and it is very close to the left out of bounds. The whole left side runs along the out of bounds, and woods are along the right side. Second shot in can be from 175 yards out to as close as 110 yards out depending on the tee shot.

Front 9 Hole 3Hole 3

Hole #4

A 150 yard par 3 in the woods. The green is large, just keep the shot straight. Woods on the left and right. Tough chip shots if left, right or long.

Front 9 Hole 4Hole 4

Hole #5

This 283 yard par 4 has woods very tight on both sides and just a slight turn to the left. The hole can be reached off the tee with the perfect shot. A medium iron off the tee will leave you 100-130 yards out. This is the toughest green on the course. Try to leave the ball below the pin.

Front 9 Hole 5Hole 5

Hole #6

A 433 yard par 4, this is the toughest hole on our course. The length is difficult for the average golfer and the green opens up from the right. To hit the green on the second shot you must loft high. This green is very tough to run a ball up from the fairway.

Front 9 Hole 6Hole 6

Hole #7

A 488 yard par 5 hole reachable in 2 if the tee shot is positioned well. The hole has mature oaks that run across the fairway protecting the second shot. A small pond is on the left side of the fairway 130 yards out to 90 yards out. Bailout is to the right. The green is small and tough to putt.

Front 9 Hole 7Hole 7

Hole #8

A 164 yard par 3 with a large green. You're better off short than left or right. Pin high. Grass bunker on left and right.

Front 9 Hole 8Hole 8

Hole #9

A 340 yard par 4 that is fairly wide open. It has trees on both left and right. This hole has a green that is a true turtleback. Try to land the ball in the middle of the green; any shot left or right will, in all probability, roll off the green. Putting is not as difficult as hitting the green on the second shot.

Front 9 Hole 9Hole 9

Hole #10

A 375 yard par 4 that has a slight dogleg to the left. Pine trees are on the right and left sides. The hole is guarded by a tree on the left side; the pin setting can be critical on this hole.

Back 9 Hole 10Hole 10

Hole #11

A 198 yard par 3 guarded by a pond on the right and a giant pin oak on the left, very difficult par 3 with a narrow opening.

Back 9 Hole 11Hole 11


The next 3 holes go through the woods. Its not the length, but the tightness of these holes that makes them difficult.

Hole #12

A 270 yard par 4 that doglegs right. Can be reached from the tee with perfect shot. A pond guards the right side and out of bounds on the left side. A risk / reward hole. A good 4 or 5 iron off tee will leave you approximately 50-75 yards out.

Back 9 Hole 12Hole 12

Hole #13

A 325 yard par 4 dogleg left. The dogleg is very severe and takes a 180-210 yard shot off the tee to have a clear second shot to the green. The hole off the tee has woods on the left and a pond / marsh area on the right. The hole is played out of bounds if driven too far. The second shot is guarded by woods on both sides. Long ball hitters can reach the green from the tee with a perfect shot over the woods but that is not advised. More risk than reward.

Back 9 Hole 13Hole 13

Hole #14

A 490 yard par 5 with trees on the right side and trees to the left closer to the green. Long ball hitters can reach it in 2. If you go left, right or long, pin high as it can be a difficult chip. Pin can be set tough on this hole.

Back 9 Hole 14Hole 14

Hole #15

This 350 yard par 4 is a very straightforward hole without much hazard. A fairly large green but you don't want to miss left, right or long as chipping can be tough from these positions.

Back 9 Hole 15Hole 15

Hole #16

A 350 yard par 4 with a ditch that runs across the fairway. You must drive the ball 230 yards in the air to clear the ditch. Just short of the ditch leaves you 125 yards out. Trees line the ditch if you miss the fairway.

Back 9 Hole 16Hole 16


Sand greens on #12, #13, #14 and #17 will be tough chipping if you are right, left or long.

Hole #17

A 182 yard par 3 with a ditch that runs across the fairway. Your ball must travel 162 yards to clear the ditch. This hole can be deceivingly tough depending on the wind direction.

Back 9 Hole 17Hole 17

Hole #18

A 313 yard par 4 that has a pond on the right and a ditch to the left. This hole bottlenecks the closer you are to the green. The green has been reached off the tee but the smart play is to lay up for the long ball hitter and a controllable wood or driver for the average golfer.

Back 9 Hole 18Hole 18

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